Alexa vs. Siri vs. Google Assistant: Which Smart Assistant Wins?

As if managing our interpersonal relationships weren’t already challenging enough in this digital day and age, now we have to worry about talking to artificial people as well. The rise of virtual assistants has been surprisingly swift, and the market hasn’t slowed down yet. But with so many choices for intelligent agents, the question is, Where do you put your trust?

So here’s a rundown of the current state of the art in the top three virtual assistants: Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. We tested them on an Amazon Echo, iPhone 7 and Google Home, respectively, using a battery of questions to determine each of their skill levels.

While they offer many of the same features, each assistant has its own advantages and disadvantages — and, of course, the assistants’ software-based nature means that they’re all evolving at a rapid clip. But, as it stands today, this is how they fared.

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