Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: No beginner’s luck here

The Alcatel OneTouch name doesn’t exactly conjure up images of premium, fashion-forward devices, but that hasn’t stopped the company from dreaming big with its first smartwatch. To add steam to the Alcatel OneTouch Watch hype train, the company’s design brass went as far as telling our own Richard Lai that the company’s gunning to bethe Zara of the wearable world. Not a style guru? Essentially, Alcatel’s been trying to cook up a fashion-forward smartwatch without a price tag that’ll make your wallet groan. At $150, I’d argue the end result fulfilled the latter half of that equation more than the former, but the bigger question is whether Alcatel’s first attempt at a wearable (running its own homebrew software, no less) is actually worth a damn. Well, after having spent a full week with the Watch lashed to my wrist, I’m unconvinced.

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