Acer Predator Gaming Headset Review: Too Much Money, Too Few Features

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Acer Predator Gaming Headset

I don’t know what inspired Acer to slap its logo on a bunch of SteelSeries products and call them “Predator” peripherals, but it’s not the worst idea a PC manufacturer has ever had. After all, SteelSeries makes great products — especially headsets. What could the harm be in repackaging a SteelSeries Siberia 200 and selling it under the Acer aegis?

Not much, it turns out — except getting overcharged for a budget headset that isn’t the best SteelSeries peripheral by a wide margin. The Acer Predator Gaming Headset ($100, although you can get it for $70 at some outlets) sounds pretty good, but the signature SteelSeries elastic headband doesn’t fit as well as it usually does, and if you can live without the Predator logo, you can get a more elegant accessory for the same price — or less.

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