64 Audio U8 Hands-on Review – unboxing and initial impressions


I have always been fascinated by bass in music. That’s probably why I always feel a little bit of a fraud when someone calls me an “audiophile”, as my tastes quite often encompass a little more lower end substance than the current fashion for a more lean and mean sound. I can appreciate detail and resolution with the best of them, but for me, it doesn’t mean anything without the ability to make me feel the song. As a result, I’ve always had an interest in picking up some 64 Audio gear and seeing if their famously warm and bassy “house sound” ticked my boxes – taking advantage of the recent end of summer sale, I purchased a set of the U8s after a brief exchange with their very helpful customer service team to try and bottom out which would suit me best out of the 4SE, 6 and 8.

Full disclosure – I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, as I have tried a few of the current 64 Audio lineup (including the Fourte flagship) at the last two London Canjams. Being honest, I was always left a little underwhelmed by the tuning of everything except the Fourte, and even that didn’t blow me back in my seat with awe.

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