13 Top Features of Android O

What’s New in Android O

Android devices are about to learn some new tricks. Google has just released what it’s calling the final developer preview of Android O, a major update to its mobile OS. That means we’re not that far from a final release for Android O. (And maybe we’ll learn what the O finally stands for — Oreo? Oatmeal Cookie? Oregano?)

Since the first previews of Android O came out, we’ve gotten a pretty good look at what to expect from the updated OS. The update starts with better battery life and increased performance and will also include new security measures, easier text selection and a picture-in-picture feature for improved multitasking. Here’s what Android O will do for you when it arrives later this summer.

Better Battery Life with Vitals

Once Android O hits your phone, expect improved battery life, thanks to Google’s Vitals initiative. Google’s adding what it calls “wise limits” to create automatic caps for what apps can do in the background. These limits will curtail excessive use of background services and location updates, so your apps won’t be able to do too much damage to your battery when you’re not using them.

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