10 Laptop Features You Can Skip to Save Money

Whether you’re buying a laptop that you can configure-to-order or choosing from a set of different models, you’ll pay more for better components and capabilities. If your budget allows, you can splurge on the fastest processor, largest storage and highest-end graphics, but if you need to economize, these are several luxuries you can skip.

Backlit Keyboard

If you’re a touch typist, you shouldn’t need lighting to feel your away around the keyboard. And even if you hunt and peck, it’s easy enough to find your keys in the dark with the light coming off the screen.

These days, most mainstream consumer laptops come standard with backlit keyboards, but there are still some budget models that don’t have them and business models that charge extra for them. For example, Lenovo charges an additional $30 to configure the ThinkPad T460 with a backlit keyboard.

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