Surface Neo

Surface Neo: Everything you need to know about the delayed dual-screen PC

The Surface Neo is a dual-screen PC that was officially revealed by Microsoft back in 2019.

Dual-screen MacBook patent shows what the Surface Neo could have been

Microsoft’s window of opportunity to push dual-screen devices to the mainstream market may have now passed.

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Microsoft made a dramatic U-turn this week as it revealed Windows 11, despite previously calling Windows 10

Microsoft reportedly shelves Windows 10X again – will Surface Neo be canned?

Microsoft is reportedly dropping plans to launch its Chrome OS competitor Windows 10X this year, raising

Surface Neo hands-on video shows a prototype without screens

Partly due to the pandemic and perhaps partly due to some behind-the-scenes management problems, what would

Windows 10X on Surface Pro 7 shows a touch-centric experience

To date, people mostly think of Windows as an operating system for desktops and laptops. Despite

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Apple iPads could be transformed into dual-screen devices — here’s how While a foldable iPhone in

Microsoft Surface Duo: A release date has been confirmed and pre-orders are open

Microsoft’s first phone since Lumia and the Windows Phone finally has a release date. Here’s everything

Surface Neo: Release date, price, specs and design

The Surface Neo was announced late in 2019, revealed my Microsoft to be a dual-screen computing

Surface Neo is officially not coming this holiday

If the rumors are correct, the Android-powered Surface Duo might finally be arriving on August 24.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Price, release date, Android and design

Microsoft finally unveiled its first ‘Surface Phone’ in 2019 and it now looks like we won’t

Surface Neo may be delayed until 2022 as Microsoft shifts Windows 10X plans

The dual-screen Microsoft Surface Neo touch-based laptop won’t arrive until 2022, according to a new report

Surface Duo dual-screen phone could debut next month

There may have been some collective disappointment when Microsoft once again put on hold the realization

Microsoft Surface Go 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 7: What’s the difference?

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Go 2. But how does the new lower-end Surface compare

Surface Duo still on track for 2020 launch

Fans of dual-screen devices, take heart. Microsoft has not yet abandoned its lofty dreams. The Surface

Microsoft officially delays Surface Neo, dual-screen Windows PCs

Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, also pledges to accelerate Windows 10 features. Microsoft has officially

Surface Neo and Duo delay confirmed amid Windows 10X pivot

It looks as if the dual-screen Windows devices like the Surface Duo and Surface Neo will

Surface Neo: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s first dual-screen PC

Microsoft has a new vision for the future of mobile computers, and the upcoming Surface Neo

Windows 10X may be the new Windows 10 S after the Surface Neo gets delayed

Visually, Windows 10X looks simple. Under the hood, it’s much more complex. That probably means months

Surface Neo won’t be out until 2021, and neither will any Windows 10X dual-screen device, rumor claims

Rumor has it that Microsoft has delayed its Surface Neo until 2021, when previously – before

Microsoft reportedly set to delay Surface Neo – is the Surface Duo next?

The Surface Neo and Surface Duo were announced by Microsoft in 2019, with the company leaving a long lead time

Microsoft Surface Duo: Rumors, release date, price and what we want

Microsoft’s first foldable may be the first foldable worth buying Rumors of a dual-screen Microsoft Surface

Hands on with Windows 10X: Microsoft’s dual-screen OS is shallow but slick

As Microsoft moves toward the launch of the dual-screen Surface Neo, it’s banking on developers to

Microsoft’s Windows 10X: A dozen ways it’s cooler than just two screens

There’s a lot more under the hood than we expected. Before Tuesday, all we really knew

Surface Neo and Duo videos entice developers into a dual-screen world

It might have been easily overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip reveals but

Surface Neo: All the facts on Microsoft’s dual-screen Windows 10X device

It’s been several months now since Microsoft surprised us all with the reveal of the dual-screen

Here’s what Android running on the dual-screen Surface Duo might look like

Next up: Windows 10X. On Wednesday, Microsoft released an emulator showing how Android apps would run

Microsoft begins bringing in developers to build its dual-screen future, including Windows 10X

Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Surface Duo are scheduled to ship in holiday 2020, meaning that developers

Surface Duo and Surface Neo need these 4 things to truly take off

Foldable phones are a hot topic in the mobile market but they are still far from