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Sick of black? Well, RHA has just released its now famous TrueConnect in two new colors. White for the purists and blue for those with

RHA announces its new T20 wireless headphones

The T20 wireless headphones are designed around RHA’s DualCoil driver which offers up high-resolution sound reproduction. There are a ton of headphone makers on the market and

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There was a time when anyone who cared about sound quality would have laughed you out of the room if you said you were going

Earphones between £330-350/$495-525 Group Test : It’s time to block out the world

What are we testing? This is a three way test of the Aedle ODS-1, Noble Trident and RHA CL1 Ceramic earphones. It is an unavoidable

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What is the RHA CL1 Ceramic? RHA has been steadily developing a full range of earphones at a range of price points but continues to