Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village could be getting some free DLC

Anyone been missing a certain Ethan Winters recently? Well good news, Resident Evil Village may be

Resident Evil 4 VR will launch on Oculus Quest 2 before Halloween

Facebook has revealed Resident Evil 4 VR will launch on 21 October exclusively on the Oculus

Pragmata: Release date, story, gameplay and more

Here’s everything we know about Pragmata Pragmata is a bizarre new IP from Capcom, the developers

How Have Movies Impacted Different Genres of Online Game?

Hollywood movies as well as those that come from other movie production hubs around the world

Sony’s PS5 VR plans leak from developer briefing

According to the YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole, and confirmed by UploadVR’s sources, Sony yesterday held

How Resident Evil Village used motion capture to create iconic monsters

A few months out from its release, it’s clear that Resident Evil Village‘s lasting legacy will

Interview w/ Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness director, Eiichiro Hasumi

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CGI series based on the Resident Evil franchise by Capcom that

Resident Evil Village DLC confirmed – and multiplayer Re:Verse gets a release date

Resident: Evil Village is getting DLC, Capcom has confirmed. The news was revealed during Capcom’s E3

Resident Evil Village proves the series is correctly headed into the unknown

Resident Evil Village might be my favorite game in the franchise. Those are bold words and

Resident Evil Village’s post-credits scene hides a terrifying secret

Spoiler Warning: this article contains major spoilers for Resident Evil Village’s ending and post-credits scene. Read

Resident Evil Village is best on the PS5 — here’s why

The PS5 is that damn good Yes, Resident Evil Village isn’t just on the PS5. It’s also

Winners and Losers: Xbox attacks scalpers, while WhatsApp hits a massive roadblock

It’s time to round out the week by boiling it down to the two biggest stories

Resident Evil Village director doesn’t rule out more Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil is full of big personalities. The franchise has brought fans countless memorable characters, from

Resident Evil Village had sound effects that were ‘too grotesque to keep in the game’

Resident Evil Village is an unsettling game that features a nine foot tall lady, ferocious lycans

Resident Evil Village ending explained: a spoiler-filled look at what it all means

Resident Evil Village is one of the best modern-day Resident Evil entries, and its story is

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Resident Evil Village: Where to find all Goats of Warding

Every Resident Evil game in recent years has had collectibles that players need to destroy in

Resident Evil Village at 8K: can the Nvidia RTX 3090 handle the horror?

Resident Evil Village is the latest entry in the iconic horror series, and not only did

Resident Evil Village Review

Resident Evil Village is a new entry in Capcom’s survival horror franchise, taking place a few

Resident Evil Village is allowing the franchise to explore the bizarre

Resident Evil is a bit long in the tooth. The franchise is far removed from the

Here’s exactly when you can play Resident Evil Village’s timed demos

Resident Evil Village is getting a series of demos, but with one big catch. The demos

Resident Evil Village demo coming for all platforms, PS5 and PS4 players get it early

Capcom showed off more of Resident Evil Village in a Resident Evil showcase, sharing a new

Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus Quest 2 trailer: see this classic game in action

While all eyes were on the new trailer and demo for Resident Evil 8, Capcom had

A new Resident Evil VR game could be revealed this week

A Resident Evil VR title could well be in the works for Oculus headsets, and better

New Resident Evil Village gameplay to be shown at showcase next week

There’s not long to wait until we can finally get our hands on Resident Evil Village,

Resident Evil Village release date, PS5 demo, Re:Verse, news and trailers

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Village (AKA Resident Evil 8) will release on May 7.

Resident Evil Village is coming to Stadia, and Google will give you free hardware to play it

Google really wants you to give Stadia a whirl. The internet is ready for Resident Evil:

Resident Evil Village PC system requirements revealed

Capcom has revealed the Resident Evil Village PC system requirements on its Steam page for the

Resident Evil games ranked: which is the best mainline Resi game?

Resident Evil is celebrating 25 years as the gaming industry’s foremost survival horror franchise. Across its