Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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One of Mass Effect’s biggest boons is its characters. Commander Shepard’s journey through the galaxy would be considerably bleaker without the companions they meet along

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a fantastic return to one of modern gaming’s best franchises, a sci-fi storytelling masterclass that has you saving the galaxy

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition might not be the expansive remake that some fans were hoping for. The game’s pre-release screenshots and comparison trailers were heavily

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EA has rolled out its first patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. which aims to fix several in-game bugs and issues as well as implementing

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We couldn’t have been more excited when we heard that the original Mass Effect trilogy was to be remastered for a new collection. But must

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 4K trilogy remaster is out on May 14

The long-awaited 4K remaster of the Mass Effect sci-fi RPG trilogy will be available on May 14 and can be pre-ordered now, EA has announced.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will remaster the classic trilogy in 2021

Bioware and Electronic Arts have announced Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for PS4, Xbox One and PC – and it’s set to arrive next year.  Having