Android 12

Google Pixel 6 tips and tricks: 13 Android 12 features to try

Google’s latest phones come with new software, and this year there are quite a few changes.

Android 12’s widgets focus is well-timed but long overdue

Although it is often criticized for copying every new Apple innovation, there have been times when

When is Android 12 coming to Asus Zenfones and ROG phones?

Android 12 has officially begun rolling out across smartphones, with Google’s own Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro first in line

When is Android 12 coming to Sony Xperia phones?

Google recently announced that Android 12 would start rolling out on its Pixel phones, including the new Pixel 6 and Pixel

When is Android 12 coming to OnePlus phones?

In October, Google announced that Android 12 would finally start rolling out on its own Pixel

All best One UI 4 / Android 12 features for Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event this October and the company dedicated a good

Asus announces Android 12 release schedule for ROG Phone and Zenfone series

With the stable build of Android 12 released by Google, phone makers have started announcing the Android

When is Android 12 coming to Samsung phones?

Google recently announced the official release of its latest Android 12 OS for its own Pixel line, but

Android 12 is now available – here’s where you can download it now

Google has announced that Android 12 is now available to download for owners of a number

Weekly poll results: Android 12 loved for its looks more than its features

Even though Google no longer puts official dessert names on its mobile OS releases, Android 12

Samsung Galaxy S21 range will probably get Android 12 by December

There was a time when Samsung was slow at rolling out new versions of Android, but

Samsung Galaxy S21 could get Android 12 in December

The Samsung Galaxy S21 family could be set to get an Android 12 update this December, according to fresh reports.

Xiaomi Mi 11 series Android 12 ‘stable beta’ update reportedly bricks devices

Xiaomi quite surprisingly rolled out ‘stable beta’ Android 12 builds just a couple of days ago

Android 12 officially has a dessert name, and we now know what it is

Android 12 has arrived, and while you can’t yet download the official software to your smartphone

Android 12 gets its very own official dessert name

Google has officially confirmed the sugary codename of its latest mobile OS, Android 12, and it’s

The Difference Between MIUI Android 12/11: More Potential Bugs

Google today launched the official version of Android 12, and then Xiaomi opened the MIUI 12.5

Xiaomi and Redmi First Smartphones to get the Android 12 Update

After the preview at I / O 2021 and more beta active since then, the next

Android 12 out, but Pixel owners will not be happy

Google’s Android 12 operating system is now officially out of beta, but Pixel phone owners can’t

Android 12 review: Google’s mobile OS is a joy to use again

Android 12 patches some of its biggest shortcomings and breathes some fun back into Google’s OS

Android 12.1 adds weight to foldable Google Pixel rumours

Features present in the early Android 12.1 build lend weight to rumours of a forthcoming Google

Android 12 could bring one of the best Windows features to Chromebooks

Android 12 could be adding a new way to link Google’s Pixel smartphones and Chromebooks together

Galaxy S21 One UI 4 Android 12 Beta is now open

Samsung today is definitely not the Samsung from just four or five years ago, at least

Android 12 may arrive on October 4 – will the Pixel 6 join it?

Android 12 will reportedly become available on October 4, which might give us a little insight

Samsung Galaxy One UI 4.0 beta release date delay with Android 12 update guarantees

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S21 right now, you might be champing at the bit

Google Pixel 6 teased with Android 12, but sounds like a release date is still far away

If you’ve been following the Google Pixel 6 news, you’ll probably be really desperate for some

Android 12 Beta 5 showcases new features ahead of final release

Google has released the final Android 12 beta for Pixel phones before the official version rolls

Android 12: Everything you need to know

Android 12 is well and truly on the way since Beta 5 has just been released,

Android 12 Beta 5 released: Here’s what’s left

Google released Android 12 Beta 5 today as the final Beta release for this generation of

Android 12 final beta welcomes Pixel 5a – full release just weeks away

The Android 12 roll out is just “weeks” away, Google has said, as it releases the