Samsung retargeting Apple iPad Pro line with new 12.4, 11-inch Galaxy Tabs for 2020

Samsung once again trying to get Apple directly in its sights with rumored new 12.4-inch and 11-inch Galaxy Tabs. It has been all over the shop with display sizes and ratios, but is once again following Apple’s lead.

You’ve got to hand it to Samsung. If it wasn’t for them, premium Android tablets would be all but dead as a category. While the stellar success that it has enjoyed with its smartphones has proven elusive with its Galaxy Tab line, the company doesn’t appear to have given up on its ambitions to steal a slice of Apple iPad Pro pie. According to Sammobile, the next flagship Galaxy Tabs are going to are carrying model numbers SM-T97x and SM-T87x and will come in larger 12.4-inch and 11-inch sizes.

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