Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Release Date, Rumours and Specs

The Galaxy Tab S7 is rumoured to be Samsung’s next iPad rival, and if current rumblings are to be believed it could be one of 2020’s biggest releases for a couple of reasons.

First, for those that missed it, Android tablets have been in a state of limbo since Google announced it was pulling Android out of the space to focus on Chrome as its convertible/tablet OS of choice.

This led most OEMs – outside of Huawei, which now can’t run Google services on Android – to follow the search giant’s lead, leaving the Apple iPad all but unopposed in the flagship market. So the launch of a new top-specced high price slate from Samsung is pretty darned big news.

Second, because if even a smidgeon of the leaks about the Galaxy Tab S7 ring true, then it’ll be a pretty darned impressive bit of kit that matches, if not beats, the Apple iPad in a few key areas.

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