reMarkable Tablet Review

No matter how many tablets and styli I’ve used, I always go back to the irreplaceable experience of writing on paper with a pen and pencil. The reMarkable ($599), a new E Ink-based tablet looks to retire my notebooks once and for all by re-creating traditional writing experiences down to the actual feel of putting pen to paper. With its unique, 10.3-inch Canvas display and felt-tipped stylus, this tablet somehow mirrors the physical sensation of analog writing. It even backs up your creations to the cloud and allows you to access them from apps.

Aside from its hefty price, the biggest thing holding the reMarkable back is the somewhat sluggish nature of its E Ink display, which pauses ever so slightly between pages and actions.

It can’t do as much as other tablets, either, as it’s made for writing, drawing and reading (epubs and PDFs). But when it comes to writing, the reMarkable is the best tablet on the market, and I want one for myself.

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