RCA Voyager III review

Aquintessential bottom-of-the-barrel tablet with barebones features, the simple 7-inch RCA Voyager III is sold exclusively through Wal-Mart for only $50. That’s a helluva bargain when compared to, well, any tablet other than the Amazon Fire.

Amazon caused quite a frenzy in 2015 when it released the $50 Fire tablet. For a (then unheard of) jaw-droppingly low price, the Fire turned out to be a pretty decent tablet — for its price. (The Fire retails for $50, but you can currently find it on sale for $40.)

It’s hard to be disappointed in a cheap tablet, because, really, what do you expect for $50? Aside from checking email, light reading, casual web surfing and maybe streaming a movie or two, a $50 tablet can’t do much. (And anyone who thinks a budget tablet can be used as an everyday laptop replacement or a great video-watching device is highly delusional.)

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A quintessential bottom-of-the-barrel tablet with bare-bones features


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