Lenovo Tab 4 with Home Assistant preview: A great Amazon Echo Show alternative falls short of its potential

Amazon looks set to take over the world with its Alexa voice assistant, which continues to pop-up in a multitude of third-party products. The Amazon Echo Show – which combines the Alexa voice assistant with a touchscreen for additional presentation and interaction – is a prime example of where the tech is headed.

And it hasn’t taken long for an interesting reimagination to arrive in the shape of the Lenovo Tab 4 with Home Assistant: a tablet which can clip onto a small Echo-like Home Assistant speaker to become, in essence, an Echo Show-like device (albeit minus the calling functionality, as that’s not currently open in the Amazon API).


Only it’s not an Amazon product at all, it’s a Lenovo one. And a really interesting one, because, conceptually speaking, it’s far more versatile than the rigidity of Echo – given it can be used as a standalone tablet minus the Alexa aspect of things. The Lenovo is also visually more arresting than the blocky Echo Show, which gives it another edge over the first-party product.

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