Kindle Voyage Review: Ereader Royalty


The ebook didn’t kill the paperback, and Amazon is counting on the fact that not only hasn’t the tablet killed the ereader, but that there’s still room for a premium model in the shape of the Kindle Voyage. Fronted by an incredible e-paper display, Amazon’s smartest screen illumination system to-date, and a bevy of software enhancements focused on readers, it’s certainly shaping up to be a great home for your digital 50 Shades. In a world of free Kindle apps and $249 iPads, however, the Kindle Voyage needs to do more than just pack in the pixels in order to justify its existence.

Hardware and Design

Amazon’s hardware aesthetic has tended toward the monolithic since the first arrival of its Kindle Fire tablets, and the Kindle Voyage bears the same design focus. That’s not to say it’s a bad device, however: more one that has been built with a singular purpose in mind.

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