Fast Charge: Amazon missed its chance to beat the iPad with the Fire HD 8 Plus

The latest version of Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet launched this week and in the process of reviewing it one thing was glaringly obvious: why can’t Amazon make a really great tablet again?

Don’t get me wrong, the new Fire HD 8 Plus is a good device. We gave it four stars and that means it bags a recommended badge. A lot of why it’s good though is because it’s just so cheap – at £89 for the regular model and £109 for the better Plus model they’re impulse buys for lots of people.

But all I could think about while testing it was what if this cost £199 or slightly more? What it if didn’t have a pretty rubbish display or feel laggy coming off an iPad? All these things would make it a tablet that I would want to keep in my bag all the time, not a quick fix.

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