ASUS ZenPad tablets flaunt “customizable” covers

ASUS is once again getting into the Android tablet scene, but this time it’s bringing something different to the table. While many OEMs put out official accessories like covers and cases, ASUS is taking things a small step further. Touting these tablets as the first tablet with interchangeable and customizable covers, ASUS’ accessories not only add style to the new ZenPad tablets, they actually also add functionality, like one that has a built-in battery pack and another that adds 5.1-channel surround sound to the tablet.

Just as the ZenFone have become ASUS’ premium smartphone line, the ZenPad are poised to be the same for slabs. Coming in a variety of somewhat confusing models and variations, these tablets are marketed to offer the best in display and audio experience, though performance will actually vary depending on the Intel processor inside.

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