Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review


Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been the star of the show as late, but we can’t forget they have a huge hand in the eReader world. Amazonisn’t ready to leave their bread and butter behind and with that we have the all new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the first Kindle with a front lit or built-in light for perfect reading anywhere. No longer will night readers have to keep a nearby lamp on and disturb others, or clip on a retro-style light. Does the new Paperwhite deliver on its promise for perfect reading anywhere? Read on to find out.

Earlier this month along with the Kindle Fire HD tablets Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos took to the stage and announced this new and improved 6-inch Kindle reader. Being the first of its kind (from Amazon at least) we’re giving it a thorough look. With an improved experience, better hardware, and of course a front-lit screen this is worth a second glance.

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