Jaguar E-Pace review: The savviest SUV on the road?

“E-Pace? Is that the electric one then?,” asks a man inspecting our Jaguar SUV as we’re taking photos of it for this very review.

Despite Jaguar launching its all-new electric i-Pace SUV at the Geneva Motor Show – because, you know, in the car world everything techy, modern and cool needs to be an i-something in these post Steve Jobs times – the E-Pace is something altogether different; it’s simply Jag’s smallest SUV.

The E-Pace is about the same size as an XE saloon and, therefore, falls directly into Jaguar’s “E” family; in the same way that the F-Pace is called so because of XF and F-Type. Got it? Good.

Irrelevant of naming conventions, however, is the small Jag actually any good in among the world of seemingly non-stop SUV launches? We’ve been driving one over a number of days to bring you the lowdown…

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