2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio review

You sport a Bottega Veneta coat, a Moschino bag and shoes from Ferragamo. Shouldn’t your car show off similar Italian flair, maybe with a badge featuring Milanese heritage? Alfa Romeo’s growing presence in the US market makes that more of an option every day, and nothing in its lineup is more practical than the 2018 Stelvio.

As a small SUV, the Stelvio carries five passengers and their luggage, from Bric’s I assume. Surprisingly, it competes well on price with other premium SUVs, but comes up a little short on driving dynamics and electronics.

We first saw the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio at last year’s Los Angeles auto show, where it joined the existing lineup of the Giulia sedan and 4C sports car. The body of the Stelvio presents a very clean design, with smooth metal around the headlight and taillight casings and an inset hood. The triangular grille highlights Alfa Romeo style.

However, the requirements of an SUV body necessitate some lumpiness in the Stelvio’s design.

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