2017-2018 Kawasaki Z900 Review

Kawasaki steps up its bid to grab a slice of the growing naked-bike market with the Z900 ABS. As demand for the genre increased, so have expectations of performance along with polished looks. Kawi built this ride to replace both the Z800 and Z1000 moving forward into the 2017 model year, so buyers should expect to find plenty of both of those qualities. Aside from the 948 cc engine, what did the factory throw on this all-new bike to make it competitive in a minimalist, sportster/roadster market? How will it compare to the other “Big-Four” naked 750s? Let’s check it out and see.



“Sleek and showy, but in a humble-brag kinda way, the Z900 completely sheds the old “stripped sportbike” look and replaces it with a design that is a few steps higher on the evolutionary scale.”

This ain’t no first-gen naked bike, but instead it is a mature, planned-out design.

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