Air Force Ribbons

The act of acknowledging the valiant efforts (both in combat and non-combat circumstances) is an integral component of the armed forces. This practice of awarding the deserving ones, maintains a passionate and competitive environment within the military forces. The USA’s Air force with a long list of Air force ribbons, medals, and symbols is keeping it right up there in this very regard.

Here we will discuss, a few of the top-notch Air force ribbons, badges & medals that are being awarded to those who are giving their level best to make the United States Air force stand tall among the air division of all the nations. 

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Air Force Cross:

Air force cross is a decoration, first established in July 1960. The president of the United States holds the prerogative of awarding this decoration to airman depicting extraordinary heroism in the course of any combat action with an enemy, during any military operation with an opposing force, or while serving with friendly forces in an action against conflicting forces. 

Air force cross holds an equivalent status as that of Distinguished Service Cross in army and Navy Cross(specifically designated for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard). 

The ribbon is mainly Brittany blue, having red-colored edges with narrow white stripes inside these red edges.

Air Force Distinguished Service Medal:

A medal that is usually awarded to air force personnel upon display of extremely credible and distinguished services for the United States of America while in a position of high authority. So this award is generally specific for those in superior positions within the Air force, precisely those at the rank of Major General or above. 

Air force distinguished service medal was established in July 1960 and is granted by the United States Department of the Air force. Creighton Williams Abrams Jr, who was a prominent United States Army general, especially with regards to his command and contributions in the Vietnam War is one of the commendable names to hold this medal.

Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon:

A military award which was created on February 21, 1968, upon the orders of Secretary of the Air Force Harold Brown. The award is presented by the Department of the Air Force to the enlisted airmen proposed by the Major Command, Field Operating Agency, or Direct Reporting Unit for the annual competition in the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year Program.

The ribbon is light blue on the exterior corners followed by red and dark blue portions, with a white stripe in the center.

Airman’s medal:

A military award which was created in July 1960. It is usually awarded to any active United States airman or air force member of a friendly nation in appreciation to any heroic act, putting his/her life voluntarily at risk without being involved in combat action. 

The ribbon is made up of varying colors with wide stripes of Brittany blue at the edges and alternating stripes of yellow and ultramarine in between. Paul K. Carlton Jr. is one of the prominent characters to receive this award for his rescuing act in the September 11 attacks.