ZTE Blade V8 Review : IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

2017 can be safely called the year of dual cameras. Such modules began to put almost all companies, from Apple and Huawei to UMi and Ulefone. And ZTE is no exception, however, it decided to try out a new feature for a start in an inexpensive smartphone ZTE Blade V8.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

Surprisingly, the most interesting thing in the package is the box itself. The fact is that in a few simple movements it turns into a full-fledged VR helmet a la Google Cardboard. The instructions for collecting the helmet are on the back of the box.

I tried to watch it with some VR-video on YouTube, it did not happen right away. As it turned out, it was necessary to adjust the lens so that the picture did not double. To do this, part of the box with the lenses had to move closer, further away from the display.

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