ZTE Axon M Hands-on Review : Are We Ready for Foldable Phones?

Every couple of years it seems, a tech company tries to do something interesting by adding a pair of screens to a lone device. The Nintendo DS aside, most of these efforts fail to stick. ZTE hopes the AT&T-exclusive Axon M it unveiled today (Oct. 17) will be different.

ZTE is quick to point out the Axon M is not a replacement for its flagship Axon line. Rather, it exists in parallel to the Axon 7. And while the dual-screen approach may be a new one for ZTE, we’ve seen phone makers try it before, most notably Kyocera and its dual-screen Echo six years ago.

ZTE’s Tale of Two Displays

The Axon M is headlined by two 5.2-inch 1080p LCD screens — one on the front of the phone, the other on the back. Fold the rear portion out and the two panels combine into one 2,160 x 1920 display, separated by the hinge in the middle. ZTE has done its best to mitigate the bezels on either side, but flexible screens haven’t quite matured yet.

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