UMi Super Review (Euro Edition)


There are dozens of smartphone brands, many of them hailing from China, competing in the mid-range market that it is too easy to get lost in a sea of names, models and specs. So when a little known company poises itself as a flagship killer, with a price that neither OnePlus nor even Xiaomi can beat, it’s hard not to pause and take notice. In not so many words, or actually in quite many words, that is what the UMi Super aspires to be, and it does almost reach that pinnacle. Well, as high as a mid-range can reach. Read on to find out how that dream almost came to be.

The UMi Super straddles the fine line between mid-range and flagship, pairing a mid-range chip, the Helio P10, with 4 GB of memory found in most high-end smartphones this year.

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