UMi Plus Review – Mid-range deja vu

In the first half of this year, a new challenger in the smartphone arrived with guns blazing. Ignoring the almost cutthroat competition in the high-end, the UMi Super aimed for the mid-range, easily rivaling other, older brands in both features and bang for buck. But UMi was hardly done. Just two months later, it unveiled the UMi Max. And then just a month or so after, the UMi Plus. But with three smartphones in less than six months, things are bound to get confusing. Does the UMi Plus have enough for it to stand out from its own siblings, let alone the rest of the market? We take a deeper look to bring you that answer.

The Box

Gone are the days when every new device, especially high-end ones, were welcomed with unboxing videos and photos. As boxes became less notable, so too have become the unboxing process. UMi, however, has done differently with the UMi Plus. Instead of your usual cardboard affair, the smartphone comes insides a compact, plastic box, with a translucent black top cover that lets you take a peek at the smartphone sitting inside.


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