Ulefone Gemini Review – Things to Consider Before you Buy

Hey, what is going on guys, Saransh here again with another review and this is the time for a low budget smartphone with a dual camera. Ulefone is a decent Chinese brand spreading its root all over the world. They are known to produce low budget gadgets with pretty nice features. With Ulefone Future, the company came into limelight as they were from the first few companies to manufacture a bezel-less smartphone. Now coming to the smartphone that we are gonna review today, Ulefone Gemini. After the Ulefone Metal, they have launched Gemini with the almost same price but with great modifications to keep getting a place in this market.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ulefone Gemini Review – Things to Consider Before you Buy

The dual camera is the highlight of Ulefone Gemini smartphone. Yes, the phone has a dual camera on the rear side and still cost just $140. I am impressed Ulefone is adopting variations and doing different things with their smartphones to get a good customer base.

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