Top 4 Most Popular CPU Smartphone to Decide the Performance in 2016

CPU is one of the most important part for one smartphone without any doubt and it can be the best standard to measure a smartphone good or bad. So let’s recall 2016 flagship processor and the phones they use. We have chosen the top 4 most popular CPU smartphones.They are Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Xiaomi MI MIX, Meizu MX6 and Huawei Mate 9.

Top 1 Meizu Pro 6 Plus

On November 30, Meizu has finally released the year-end flagship smartphone, Meizu Pro 6 Plus. Different from other Meizu models, the most outstanding feature is that Meizu Pro 6 Plus is powered by a Exynos 8890 processor which can make Meizu to compete with those Snapdragon 820, 821 processor smartphone.

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