The Huawei Mate X’s $2,600 price is the least of its problems

Just when you thought Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was wildly expensive, along comes the Huawei Mate X to prove that when it comes to the price of foldable phones, the sky’s the limit. With its sticker price working out to the equivalent of around $2,600 – or, for context, a well-specified MacBook Pro or several iPad Pro tablets – this latest folding smartphone wows both for its tech and its premium positioning.

A bigger price, a more striking phone

Huawei took the opposite approach to its foldable than Samsung did. Closed, the Galaxy Fold has a fairly small screen on the outside: its 4.6-inches actually looks oddly undersized, given the overall scale of the device. It’s only when you open it up that you see the bigger panel.

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