Smartisan T2 Review : an Android/iPhone cross-breed

The smartphone you see here is neither an iPhone nor a Google Certified Android device. It’s somewhere in the middle and a bit off to one side. What we’ve got here is the Smartisan T2, a device that looks like an iPhone, runs a bit like an Android, and costs about what you’d pay for a high-end device that’s a couple of years old. But this Smartisan T2 is brand new. What we have here is a unique proposition – a daring release in a market that relies so heavily on iOS and Android that we were shocked to find it in production.

In an age in which most major smartphone hardware looks similar if not outright nearly-identical, Smartisan isn’t really attempting to do anything mind-blowing. Certainly they are pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable as a set of home buttons with three customizable physical buttons near the bottom of the front of the device, but the overall bulk of the phone looks like either an iPhone 5C or any number of HTC Desire devices.

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