Siri at WWDC 2018: what it needs to be smarter

Apple’s annual developers’ conference is barely two weeks away and the Internet is already abuzz at what’s expected to make a big splash there.

Considering it will cover the whole breadth of Apple’s products and services, it’s not surprising that there’s quite a lot to talk about. One thread that does seem to be more common than other is how much smarter Siri will magically become. But what does “smarter” really mean in this context and how will we be able to judge if Siri has finally caught up with its peers? Here are a few points to consider.

Less misheard words

Siri might be getting new voices but if it doesn’t understand yours, it’s going to be more annoying than entertaining. For quite some time now, Siri has been the butt of jokes over misunderstanding users’ questions (just search for “Siri misheard” on your favorite search engine).

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