Samsung Galaxy C7 review : A Note for the masses

1. Introduction

Busy expanding its lineup, Samsung is using a Sesame Street approach of sorts, going through the alphabet one letter at a time. For the most part, this naming scheme works well and helps avoid confusion. We know the “S” line is the place to get flagships, the upper-midrangers designated with an “A”. Further down the price ladder, there is the budget “J” series and the Tizen-powered “Z”.

Samsung Galaxy C7 review

But things have been getting a bit weirder lately with the introduction of the “On” lineup and the new “C” line. The latter currently includes the 5.2-inch Galaxy C5 and the 5.7-inch Galaxy C7. Both were made official in late May and are currently available in China and Hong-Kong, but have also got the all-clear from the FCC, which means they will likely be going international soon.

The hard bit is to guess how the C-line fits in Samsung’s existing lineup. With midrange specs and slim all-metal bodies, the closest comparison seems to be to the Galaxy A lineup. The C5 and C7 do, however, bring about a few notable hardware improvements over the “A” models, so we’re curious to see how the Koreans will market them.

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