Royole Foldable Display and FlexPai hands-on: Mobile bendy phone screen time

The world’s first fully functional and out-for-sale device with a foldable display came from Royole. They’ll forever get to keep that as a point of distinction. They’ll also be able to point out, in the future, that it was they that made the device with Android, folding backward, and without the need for a display cover – though we’d probably want one in this case. There’s also the display itself, and its absolutely incredible thinness.

What you’re looking at above is a display from Royole sitting in a contraption that’s akin to a fan-box. The display is connected up near the logo to power and a video signal (we’re watching the movie Trolls here), and behind it we’ve got at least one fan, blowing the display to show its lightness. The display literally flips and flaps in the wind.

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