Realme X3 hands-on review


Realme unveiled the X3 to the world yesterday at an event in India alongside the already official X3 SuperZoom. While we had already reviewed the SuperZoom, the Realme X3 proper was new to us, so we jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with it.

Realme X3 hands-on review

The X3 and X3 SuperZoom aren’t all that different, in fact. Obviously, the SuperZoom’s periscope telephoto is exclusive to that model and the vanilla X3 gets a more modest 2x zoom module instead. The rest of the rear cams are the same between the two. Over on the front, the Realme X3 gets a 16MP main selfie shooter in place of the SZs 32MP unit, but keeps the secondary cam for ultra wide selfies. So there’s been a couple of camera downgrades, but still a compelling configuration after all.

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