Razer Phone: 5 reasons you will want this crazy thing

Apparently there’s going to be a Razer Phone at some point in the near future, and you’re going to want to buy one. Today I’m going to run down five reasons why a person might want a Razer Phone paired with 5 reasons why the Razer Phone might not be the best purchase right out the gate. Negative factors in this adventure of a release are largely related to Razer’s relative lack of experience in this field. Positives have largely to do with Razer’s relative good standing in several fields, including laptop and peripheral manufacturing as well as established brand and community power.

Razer Phone: 5 reasons you will want this crazy thing

1. It’ll be well built, but it’ll have a snake on it

Like the Razer Blade Stealth line, a Razer Phone won’t likely have any trouble with industrial design. It’ll be a well put together device, and its hardware will be quite reliable – especially if the folks at Nextbit are leading the charge.

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