Panasonic Eluga Ray Max Hands-on Review : IT HAS SPECIAL FEATURE!

Budget smartphones have become quite interesting in terms of their own features. We used to see only monotonous products with a plain design, but now companies produce quite interesting solutions with good specifications, features and design. A good example is Panasonic Eluga Ray Max.

Review Panasonic Eluga Ray Max: IT HAS SPECIAL FEATURE!

New smartphone has nice design that allow you to comfortably use all the functions of the device. Its unique features is smart assistant Arbo. We’ll talk about it a little later, and now let’s see what features Panasonic Eluga Ray Max.

Nevertheless, the smarthpone is not from the flagship class and will be available to most buyers. Yes, and you know – there are no ideal smartphones, all have disadvantages. The main thing is that they are not critical.

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