OPPO A39 Initial Hands-on Review : OPPO F1s Lite?

OPPO has made a huge splash when it decided to focus on the growing number of people who enjoy taking selfies with their smartphone. So much so that when they released the OPPO F1s in August last year, the Chinese company had been reported to be the 2nd best selling smartphone brand in the country. Four weeks ago, they quietly released the A39; a phone that features the same internals as OPPO’s selfie expert, but with a few of its features left out. We gave you the live unboxing for the OPPO A39 on Facebook last night, now its time to jump in for its initial review.

Initial Impressions: The OPPO F1s without the Cameras

As mentioned above, the OPPO A39 is pretty much identical to the OPPO F1s with a few of its features left out. In fact, looking at the device from the rear, it would be pretty hard to tell the A39 and F1s from each other; apart from its screen size, of course, because even its camera placement is the same. We initially thought that the A39 was made of polycarbonate plastic, but it has a thin, lightweight body made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy. It doesn’t have a unibody build, but it’s built as solidly as its siblings in the F1 series.

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