Nokia 6 VS Xiaomi Redmi 4 Comparisons Review

Recently, at CES 2017, Nokia has officilally released Nokia 6 smartphone at 1,699 yuan, $283. Someone said Redmi 4 with Snapdragon 430 only sells at 699 yuan, $100, but Nokia 6 sells at much higher price, which makes us unacceptable. But others claim that Nokia 6 has nice design, and good specs, they will choose Nokia 6. So what’s the main difference between Nokia 6 and Redmi 4?

Currenlty, Nokia 6 only has one version, Redmi 4 has standard version and advanced version, and the standard version of Redmi 4 is equipped with same processor as Nokia 6.

You can check the specs comparison between Nokia 6 and Redmi 4. From the specs, they both are powered by Snapdragon 430 processor, but Redmi 4 with cheaper price have big gap with Nokia 6 in screen resolution, storage, camera, design, etc. If we want to compare, Redmi 4 advanced version will be more proper.

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