New iPhone 6s ads focus on camera, Siri, and Jamie Foxx

Apple is usually known for video ads that are subtle, artful, tastefully done, and entertaining. These latest ones for the new iPhone 6s are perhaps no different, though some might be scratching their heads at the point that Apple wants to make in some of them. Beyond their entertainment value, that is. Three videos make up this latest batch, one focusing on the smartphone’s new camera and the others on Siri. Well, perhaps on Jamie Foxx more, with Siri acting as an obedient, hands-free assistant.

New iPhone 6s ads focus on camera, Siri, and Jamie Foxx

Yes, Apple is trying to advertise how you can use Siri on the iPhone 6s completely hands free even when the smartphone isn’t charging. But if you miss out the first few seconds where that feature is plastered across the video, you probably wouldn’t realize that.

Same goes for the second video featuring Jamie Foxx once again asking looking to Siri for wisdom, voice only. The ads themselves are pretty sparse and Apple might have missed a golden opportunity to show Siri’s sassier and more humorous side.

The ad on “The Camera” is perhaps more substantial though at times also mildly funny. Here, Apple is saying that not much has changed on the new iPhone 6s camera except, well, almost everything. And to get that point across, it enlisted NBA star Stephie Curry.

This is the usual Apple way of getting people to focus not on specs but on features. Although the iPhone 6s technically does have a new camera, what it enables users to do is ultimately more important than megapixel counts and aperture. Of course, that also does mean that almost everything has changed, but all for the better. Or hopefully for the better. DxOMark might not agree.


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