MWC 2018 Highlights: the mid-range devices win

MWC 2018 practically ended on its first day or two, with most of the announcements dumped then and there. There were some late surprises but we pretty much got a feel of the event right from the start. It was almost low-key, somber, and serious, with a few spikes here and there with interesting, if not sensational news. That doesn’t mean, however, that MWC this year was pretty dead. In fact, the biggest winners, at least by the numbers, seem to be the underdogs. Here are just some of the highlights of MWC 2018, especially for the smartphone market.

The Heavyweights

MWC 2018 wouldn’t be MWC 2018 without mentioning Samsung. After skipping for a year or so, the Korean tech giant returned to MWC and practically hogged the spotlight at the start of the show. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ almost reflects the general MWC atmosphere: not sensational but refining what already works. Samsung Mobile’s head DJ Koh says the company will no longer rushing to be first, but it will still be rushing the Galaxy S9 out the market in two weeks.

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