Motorola Moto C vs Moto E4 vs Moto G5: Which budget Moto phone is right for you?

Motorola has already announced several smartphones this year, including two new Moto Gs, two Moto Cs and two Moto Es. Based on the rumours though, that won’t be the last we hear from the Lenovo-owned company this year with a new Moto X and Moto Z also claimed to be in the pipeline.

With so many Moto phones available and three ranges sitting in what is considered the mid-range or budget end of the market, which is the right Moto for you?

We have put 2017’s Moto C and Moto C Plus up against the new Moto E4 and E4 Plus and Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus to help you work out the differences between a £90/$135 Moto device and a £250/$375 Moto.


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