Moto Z3 hands-on: Getting ready for 5G

Earlier today in Chicago, Motorola took the stage to announce a phone that is instantly familiar: the Moto Z3. You’ve seen this phone before, or at least most of it, as it’s almost exactly the same as the Moto Z3 Play, which launched back in June. The major difference between the two is yet to come, but when it arrives next year, it will indeed be quite the differentiator.

For now, however, the Moto Z3 is essentially just a souped up Moto Z3 Play. When I say that the two phones are similar, I mean it: the biggest difference between the two phones is that the Moto Z3 Play is built around a Snapdragon 636, while the Z3 that was revealed today is equipped with a Snapdragon 835.

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