Moto Z2 Play Review Roundup: What the Critics Love and Hate

A new modular phone from Motorola is on its way. The $499 Moto Z2 Play arrives later this summer, bringing another bunch of attachable accessories known as Moto Mods to the mix.

Though the phone won’t be available unlocked or through Verizon until July, some reviewers have already gotten their hands on the Z2 Play. And they’re generally impressed by what they’ve seen, even with some noticeable compromises from the original Moto Z Play.

Here’s what the critics are saying about the Moto Z2 Play.

The Verge

Dan Seifert of the Verge believes that Motorola’s new phone is better than the original, except in one key area — battery life. That’s a concession Motorola made to make the Z2 Play lighter and thinner than its predecessor. And Seifert seems to think the trade-off was worth it, as the Z2 Play is still a long-lasting phone, even if it’s not the multiday powerhouse that the original Z Play was.

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