Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition review

I was excited when the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition arrived in the post. I quickly opened the impressive packaging, picked up the beautiful hardware and eagerly turned the phone on. Soon, I was using Linux – specifically Ubuntu – on a phone for the very first time.

The Meizu Pro 5 is also available with Android onboard, but the Ubuntu variant is far for interesting – and possibly a sign of things to come.

There’s Twitter on your home screen, and you can have other apps there too; I guess the idea is to give you access to the stuff you’re interested in without you having to leave the home screen.

As time went on, however, I found that the appeal of the different look was overtaken by the disappointment of just how slow this phone was. But let’s start with the design of the Meizu Pro 5, and look at what the hardware offers.

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