LENOVO PHAB 2 PRO Review : Lenovo’s Monster Phone Delivers the Future of AR Now

Kết quả hình ảnh cho LENOVO PHAB 2 PRO

I used to think that there was no such thing as smartphone that was too big. And then came the $499 Phab 2 Pro. With a whopping 7-inch screen, the phone is sure to turn plenty of heads and stretch many a pocket. However, there’s a method to the Phab 2 Pro’s massiveness: It’s the first phone to feature Google’s Project Tango technology, delivering augmented reality without forcing you to strap on a headset or goggles.

 Using a trio of specialized cameras, sensors and software, the Phab 2 Pro can map 3D space, measure depth and track location for an augmented-reality experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. This is a phone that can redecorate your house, let you design a car and explore a spooky mansion, just by hitting a button. (Beat that, Pokémon Go!)

And when you’re not busy augmenting your view, the Phab 2 Pro offers smooth performance and a bright display, which makes for a good — if oversize — multimedia device.

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