Kyocera DuraForce Pro Review : Unbreakable Exterior with a Blah Battery

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kyocera DuraForce Pro

Instead of buying a new phone and packing it deep inside protective gear, why not turn to a device that’s made to be durable on its own? That’s the thinking behind the $408 Kyocera DuraForce Pro, which not only looks better than most phones wearing cases, but is also in a completely different league from most competitors when it comes to withstanding punishment.

The DuraForce Pro features military-grade 810G protection for things including solar radiation, salt fog and shock; it also offers water resistance for up to 6.5 feet for 30 minutes and a virtually scratchproof 5-inch display. And while the DuraForce Pro’s performance or battery life aren’t exactly class-leading, it’s great for active junkies, contractors or anyone who spends more time outside than not. It’s is one of the few phones that can take a real beating and keep on ticking.

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