I ditched my iPhone 11 Pro for iPhone SE for a month: What I loved and hated

What does the $600 difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone SE really get you?

I really enjoy trying out the latest smartphones as part of my job, but I am also aware that a focus on the top-end brands and models can distract people from cheaper phones that will still suit them well while being within budget. It’s why I was so interested in trying out the recently launched iPhone SE (2020), as it promised all the key parts of the iPhone experience at a much more affordable price.

I’ve been using an iPhone 11 Pro since December 2019, and I’ve found very little to complain about during that six months. Therefore, I decided to swap Apple’s flagship model for the SE for a month and see if what I really valued about the iPhone experience could be found in a phone worth less than half of the one I had been using.

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