Huawei P40 hand-on review: The compact almost-flagship?

To say Huawei has had a tumultuous year would be something of a gross understatement. Having spent a good number of years building its reputation globally as one of the big name smartphone makers, even working its way into the top three manufacturers, and then having its ability to partner with Google taken away from it, was a little like getting the rug pulled from under its feet.

Since May last year, Huawei has doubled down on its own platform, and started trying to build up an ecosystem for itself while it still waits to be able to work with Google officially again. That’s meant for the past 10-11 months, the company has piled money, time and effort into an app store, getting developers onboard, and bringing in partners for search, maps and media.

That’s the environment the P40 launches into, alongside the P40 Pro and the P40 Pro+.

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